April 23, 2014

April 22, 2014


the more i think about “snowpiercer”, the more issue i take with its worldbuilding:

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-Cutting off food/water to the tail section or just outright culling them would only breed resentment and make them even more difficult to manage. People would start taking matters into their own hands, outside Gillam’s influence. It’s much better, from the perspective of those in power, to let them kill themselves off with periodic “rebellions” designed to fail. The survivors would feel like they accomplished something, no matter how small the progress. That they’d get there next time. And those in charge would get the decreased numbers and resource drain.

-I don’t think they had much of a choice when it came to taking on the freeloaders. Curtis said that there was a thousand people crammed in the rear of the train in the beginning. Who knows how many people were left outside it back then. Opening the doors to freeloaders was probably seen as less risky than shutting them out and facing a who-knows-how-large a mob of angry people desperate to not die. Plus it’s always good to have a few extra bodies around to freshen up the gene pool now and then. And like they said in the movie, the automatic machinery doesn’t last forever and would obviously need manual replacement. No way in hell would the first-classers do it.

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Via Malk

Snowpiercer (2013):

We go forward.

Really liked the movie, but that ending.

Looks like shit ain’t as bad as they thought it was, too bad everybody’s fucking dead.

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Found! First Earth-Size Planet That Could Potentially Support Life
Astronomers have discovered a planet about the size of Earth,
orbiting its star in the zone where oceans of liquid water would be possible.

From Space.com

A study of the newly-found planet indicates it could have an Earth-like atmosphere and water at its surface. The planet Kepler-186f is the fifth planet of the star Kepler-186, 490 light-years away.

The planet has 1.11 times the Earth’s mass. Its radius is 1.1 times that of Earth. Kepler-186f orbits at 32.5 million miles (52.4 million kilometers) from its parent star. Its year is 130 Earth days. 

The planet orbits Kepler-186, an M-type dwarf star less than half as massive as the sun. Because the star is cooler than the sun, the planet receives solar energy less intense than that received by Mars in our solar system, despite the fact that Kepler-186f orbits much closer to its star.

guys this isn’t just some science jerk-offery. This is legitimately the first confirmed exoplanet that fulfils all of NASA’s main prerequisites, same mass, same density, rocky, right zone in terms of heat, it may even have an atmosphere.

Soon we’re launching a satellite code named “Star Shade”, which although it sounds badass is literal- it’s a massive unfurling shade that will allow a powerful telescope to TAKE PHOTOS of these goddamn planets, no doubt this one will be first on the list, to see what they look like.


I say we name it in honour of Carl Sagan who first brought serious investigation into finding exoplanets in a time where people didn’t even believe they existed, yet.

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"There was a woman. She was hiding with her baby. And some men with knives came. They killed her and took the baby. And then an old man stepped forward and he said… "Give me the knife." Everyone thought he’d kill the baby himself… But he took the knife… and he cut off his own arm… and he said, "eat this. If you’re so hungry eat this, just leave the baby". I had never seen anything like that. And the men put down their knives. And then one by one, other people in the tail section started cutting off arms and legs and offering them. It was like a miracle"

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“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

I could stare at this until I die.



“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”


I could stare at this until I die.

(Source: weissesrauschen)

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you know when you have such a burning dislike for a certain character like the level of dislike you have for them is so high and seeing them makes you feel annoyed and you try to ignore it and move on because they are just a fictional character and how strongly you dislike them feels ridiculous because you know they aren’t real but then you see their face or hear about them again and it’s just like


there you are

fuck off

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Via gay saves baby

April 21, 2014


chris evans - for flaunt magazine

The photoshoot where Chris Evans looks like a truckstop hooker is an important part of manpelt.com

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